Tips To Make Recycling Effortless


Most families agree with the general principle of recycling. But when it comes time to actually follow through with everything it requires to recycle household waste, recycling can feel burdensome. Here are some tips to make recycling almost effortless.

Supply Separate Recycling Containers in the Kitchen

Instead of separating your recycling the day before the garbage removal trucks are due to arrive in your neighborhood, separate waste right at the source. Dedicate a lower kitchen cabinet for recycling containers. Use a color-coded system so family members know what to toss into each receptacle. You could use blue for glass, brown for paper, and green for aluminum and other metals. On garbage day, just dump the kitchen containers into their respective barrels for your curbside recycling service.

Consider Packaging When You Buy

At the supermarket, consider the packaging when you buy a product. Many items are now available in less packaging if you buy in bulk. This is especially useful when you buy non-perishables. For instance, you might be able to buy a large plastic bag of laundry detergent powder that you can store in a reusable bucket at home. Breakfast cereal is also frequently available in giant plastic bags, saving you from recycling box after cardboard box. Many produce items can be sourced with no packaging at all when you shop at a farm stand or farmer's market. Keep in mind that the less packaging you bring home, the less you'll need to recycle.

Distribute Recycling Containers Around the Home

If you have a home office, you likely have a lot of paper that needs to be recycled. Keep a paper recycling waste bin under your desk alongside your regular wastebasket. You would then simply toss paper into the recycling bin, and combine it with the rest of the household recycling on garbage day.

Do the same in the bathrooms and bedrooms. Tissue papers and toilet paper rolls can all be recycled, but they usually end up in the trash. Keep an extra bin in the bathroom and bedroom for recyclables and handle it accordingly.

Skip Bottled Water

Tap water is often considered non-drinkable, and people turn to bottled water. Water bottles can be a large source of recycled materials, but it's rarely convenient to recycle them properly. Skip the bottled water and install a water filter in the home. Invest in some refillable large glass water bottles so family members can pour themselves a fresh glass of water when they so desire.

Recycling doesn't need to be such as demanding task when you use these handy tips. Contact a company like Brampton Recycle-It Resource Recovery for more great ideas.


1 December 2015

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Ever since I married my amazing husband ten years ago, I’ve enjoyed cooking dinner for him on week nights. While I love to cook, I also look forward to eating at my favorite restaurants on the weekends. I’m always impressed by how orderly and hardworking the staffs at some of my favorite eateries are. I realize that running a restaurant takes much dedication, intelligence, and energy. Because restaurant owners serve food to hungry customers all day long, a lot of trash accumulates. For example, at the end of every business day, a restaurant’s garbage bins are often overflowing with food scraps, napkins, and food wrappers. On this blog, you will discover the benefits of a restaurant owner hiring a professional garbage removal company to handle his or her garbage needs.