Purge These Common Household Items Before Your Next Garbage Day


The idea of decluttering a home can feel overwhelming to some people. If you know that your home is too cluttered but find the idea of diving into the mess for several days in a row daunting, you can make a difference by simply collecting a bag of waste in advance of each garbage day. Initially, it can feel difficult to throw out your possessions, especially if you've had difficulty doing so in the past. But as you gather one bag per week, you'll ideally feel this purging process gain momentum, and decluttering will hopefully get easier each week. Here are some common household items that you likely have—and that you should be able to part with.

Expired Toiletries

A quick look in your bathroom medicine cabinet and under your bathroom sink will often reveal a variety of things that you no longer use. While expired medication should be safely disposed of at your local pharmacy, you'll likely encounter other products that you can toss in a bag for garbage day. Travel-sized items taken from hotels, used toothbrushes that have inexplicably stuck around, dried-up hair products, and other such items can be collected to declutter the space.

Outdated Seasonal Decorations

If you enjoy decorating at various times of the year, including the holidays, you may keep multiple bins of festive decorations. Take some time to go through one of these bins at a time. In many cases, you'll find items that you bought and used several years ago but that you haven't put up for a long time. Whether they're a little tacky or they no longer suit the overall look of your home or the age of your children, it's time to toss these things into your bag to take them out on garbage day.

Unused Linens

Over time, it can seem easy to amass a sizable assortment of bed sheets, pillowcases, towels, and other such products. Take an inventory of what you have and toss the items that you no longer use. For example, maybe you have some queen-sized sheets but recently upgraded your bed to a king. Some such items are worthwhile to donate to a local homeless shelter, but if the sheets are worn out or stained, it's best to just throw them out.

Socks and Underwear

While you can probably put together a bag or two of old clothing with ease, donating your apparel or selling it at a consignment store is a good idea. When it comes to finding items to discard, look no further than your socks and underwear. Dig deep into these respective drawers, and you'll likely find some of these garments that have lost their elasticity and that you no longer wear.

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2 August 2016

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Ever since I married my amazing husband ten years ago, I’ve enjoyed cooking dinner for him on week nights. While I love to cook, I also look forward to eating at my favorite restaurants on the weekends. I’m always impressed by how orderly and hardworking the staffs at some of my favorite eateries are. I realize that running a restaurant takes much dedication, intelligence, and energy. Because restaurant owners serve food to hungry customers all day long, a lot of trash accumulates. For example, at the end of every business day, a restaurant’s garbage bins are often overflowing with food scraps, napkins, and food wrappers. On this blog, you will discover the benefits of a restaurant owner hiring a professional garbage removal company to handle his or her garbage needs.