Small Businesses Need An Efficient Electronics Recycling Plan


As a leader in a growing business, there are a lot of ill-fitting solutions to choose from. Residential services may not be enough, while business-focused services may be designed for large enterprises with big budgets. Recycling electronics is no different, and since most businesses are liable for proper recycling at the risk of paying fines or losing garbage collection services. To make sure your recycling plan works well with your business, here are a few techniques and service options that fit best with small businesses.

Decide Between Whole Unit Or Scrap Material Recycling

When recycling electronics, there is a balance between making money from recycling centers versus the investment needed to recycle. Someone has to load the electronics, and if you want to scrap individual materials, someone has to separate the materials.

Separating materials quickly and efficiently requires dismantling skills, which usually means tasking a technician or bringing in a third-party scrapping professional. If you want to do it yourself or have current employees without the proper technical skills do the job, keep in mind that the additional spent time is either lost potential productivity or extra pay that negates some of the recycling profits.

Recycling the whole unit isn't a bad idea. In most situations, individual scrapping is only necessary when there's a know material with an especially high recycling pay rate, such as gold and platinum in significant quantities. Most people will be fine to take the average recycling rate for whole units, such as whole computers or printers.

Proper Disposal Bins And Other Containers

If your area has a recycling service route, be sure to have a separate container for recycling only. Residential services may be fine with a rolling trash can or hand-carry bins/totes, but businesses often need dumpsters.

Especially if you're getting rid of computers, a dumpster that is both large enough to hold a few dozen systems while not being too big to work with properly is a challenge in sizing. The opening needs to be low enough for most workers to simply place the electronics without reaching too high or having to throw the systems.

For companies that scrap individual materials, the hand-carry bins are helpful for separating and organizing different materials. Color-coded bins for each material gives a quick reference point, allowing workers to send out specific materials when their pay rates are high enough.

Contact a dumpster rental and recycling container professional for the proper containers and some help with your recycling planning. A company like Contractors Disposal Inc can give you more information.


25 July 2017

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