Three Types Of Dump Trailers And Their Uses


Are you looking for a new dump trailer for your residential or commercial needs? You may think dump trailers are pretty much all the same, but there are actually various types and each kind has their own benefits. The type of trailer that works best for you will depend on what you plan on using it for. Here is a list of some dump trailer types and what they are used for.

End Dumps

A frequently used dump trailer is the one with an end dump. People who use the end dumps tend to like the fact that it is built for heavy loads and is great at rapidly unloading the contents. End dump trailers are build tough and can carry many types of materials, like demolition, due to the thick and heavy sides of the trailer. Due to the depth of those heavy sides, you can also haul a lot larger loads than other types of dump trailers, which can save on travel times if you are making multiple deliveries.

Side Dumps

Side dump trailers are built using hydraulic rams that are durable enough to lift and dump the load to either the right or left side of the trailer. One of the main benefits of the side dump trailer is that it remains stable during the unloading, which is something the end dumps tend to have trouble with. The side dumps are also very quick to unload the entire payload. Most contractors tend to use side dump trailers during site prep, demolition, and debris work. A side dump trailer is outfitted with a water-tight sealed tub that allows you to haul contents that may otherwise leak using end dump trailers.

Bottom Dumps

A bottom dump trailer uses a clamshell gate on the bottom, which opens when the load is ready to be dumped. The way that the gate is constructed allows you to precisely lay your load on the left or right side. You also have the option to let it out the rear of the trailer and it will spread evenly as it is dumped. Bottom dump trailers are usually seen at construction sites for asphalt paving or stockpiling materials. It is a more convenient choice than a regular dump truck because the bottom dump doesn't require stops each time it uses the asphalt machine, which means it doesn't leave the seam that dump trucks do.


The type of dump trailer you use for your business or recreational use can be determined by the type of materials you need to haul and how big the load will be, but there are also other things to consider. Insurance, cost, and the projects play another big part. Be sure to research fully before choosing your dump trailer. Contact a service, like Duffield Hauling INC, for more help.


27 August 2017

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